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Please join the R.E. Lee Monumental Association in order to help us preserve accurate American history for future generations. There is strength in numbers! Please consider joining and have your spouse and children join also.  As a member, you will receive email updates on all events and newsworthy issues related to the R.E. Lee monument and historical preservation in New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire United States. We will keep you updated on our progress, and what you can do to help us achieve our goals and preserve American history.


There are two membership categories :

DESCENDANTS - Anyone who is a descendant of a member of the original R.E. Lee Monumental Association formed in 1870. You can find the original member list on the R.E. Lee Monumental Association page.

REGULAR - Anyone who is not a descendant of the original R.E. Lee Monumental Association. 


The R.E. Lee Monumental Association (LMA), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All funds raised shall go towards only essential expenses. The identities of members will be kept private and not be made public. Please join R.E.Lee Monumental Association

You will receive a copy of your tax deductible donation

*Makes checks payable to 

R.E. Lee Monument Association

P.O. BOX 58281

New Orleans LA 70158

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