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Most at meeting oppose name change but Camp Beauregard will get new name in 2023

Melinda Martinez

Alexandria Town Talk


This meeting was held to gather more names from the public in addition to the ones gathered in an online survey held in May.

"The South lost the war. We should have never named these bases after Southern generals or officers," said Cornelius White Jr., a former military police officer who was stationed here. He thinks they should have been named after white or Black troops who served in the Union Army.

Some oppose making the move at all.

"I think it needs to stay the same. Why change it?," said Carol Ann Thompson of Alexandria.

"All it's going to do is cost money."

"It's all I've known all my days," said Len Wiggins of Dry Prong, a retired Louisiana National Guard supply sergeant who was with the 199th Support Battalion. He also expressed concerns about the expense of a name change and said history shouldn't be taken away.

Some thought that if the name had to be changed, it should be to a name with ties to Central Louisiana.


A 15-year-old decided his town needed a veterans memorial. He raised $77,000 and built one



17-year-old Dominique Claseman was 15 when he started raising money to build Olivia, Minnesota a veterans memorial

Author: Boyd Huppert; July 4, 2022

OLIVIA, Minn. — When a 15-year-old boy came to the Olivia City Council with plans to build his hometown a veterans memorial, Mayor Jon Hawkinson wondered if the lad had bitten off more than he could chew.

Yet, there was something about Dominique Claseman.

“He had architect drawings, he had the space picked out,” the mayor recalls.

And perhaps most importantly, “He knew there would be people in our community who would want to donate to something like this,” the mayor recalls.

Today, no skeptics remain.

On Memorial Day, several hundred people gathered for the dedication of Olivia’s new veterans memorial, completed by Dominique as his Eagle Scout project a few weeks before his 17th birthday.  

Ron Kopacek, who headed up the dedication’s honor guard, was amazed as anyone that Dominique pulled it off. “Fifteen years old, a sophomore in high school, he's going to raise $12,000 to $15,000 we're thinking, ‘What? Really?’”

Turns out Dominque didn't just raise his starting goal of $12,000 to $15,000.

He collected more than $77,000.

“I question myself on how I even did it sometimes,” Dominque says with a smile.

Dominique hung flyers in businesses, did interviews with the local newspaper and radio station, and set up a table to pitch his project during events at the Olivia American Legion.

As purchases of engraved pavers and other donations exceeded Dominique’s expectations, he expanded his vision of what the memorial could be.

“I wanted to show more appreciation in a bigger way,” says Dominique, who comes from a long line of men who served their country. Among them: Dominique’s father, who wore his Iraq combat boots, at Dominique’s request, to leave 21 footprints in the memorial’s wet cement.

Mark Jurgensen, who serves as a Boy Scout scoutmaster, isn’t surprised his son saw the project through to its grand conclusion. 

“He’s one of them kind of kids that likes to make sure that he doesn’t disappoint anybody, and he strives really hard for that,” Mark says. 

On dedication day, a stream of people walked through the memorial, reading the 280 pavers engraved with the names of men and women with Olivia ties who served in the military, some who gave their lives for their country.


Historic Marker At Private Residence Vandalized, Terrifying Home's Inhabitants and Neighbors: Zero Arrests; Zero Media Coverage

July 29, 2020

Just as with the World War One Victory Arch's vandalism received no media attention, a second appalling act of destruction took place to the complete ignoring of journalists and city officials. Even more egregious, the act took place in a residential neighborhood on private property, terrifying the inhabitants and neighbors alike. 
A historic home, known as the Jefferson Davis Death House, has quietly existed in a tucked away street for well over 100 years. The home has a simple stone marker out front, signifying the historical importance of the edifice. Out of fear of local mobs and not wanting any trouble, the marker was recently covered and disguised as an electrical box. This was not enough to placate the emotionally disturbed agitators. They came onto private property, removed the protective covering, and began to deface the stone marker. This act is particularly offensive, mainly on the grounds that a private home was violated, the inhabitants intimidated and terrorized (along with many neighbors), and not a single person was named as a suspect or taken into custody. As expected, local media refused to cover the incident, realizing that brazen criminal acts against private citizens would not paint their Marxist allies in a well received light.

World War One Arch Defaced; Zero Taken Into Custody (NO media coverage)

July 29, 2020

Just as with previous acts of violence, the following two incidents resulted in zero taken into custody, and zero suspects named. However, and just as appalling, these next two incidents received zero coverage from media outlets. They completely ignored the vandalism, full well knowing that reporting this level of egregious violence would place the vandals in a horrifically negative light. Thus, they simply neglected the story altogether. Thankfully, a dedicated team of preservationists have collected photos and evidence to make sure that these acts do not go unrecorded. 
For reference, the World War One Victory Arch lists the names of BOTH black and white soldiers and pays tribute to their sacrifice. A local preservationist organization received a $2,000 grant to fully restore the monument, but their attempts to beautify the arch and the neighborhood were blocked by the local school board out of politically motivated reasons. The school board and the city council have taken great caution to align their actions with the Marxist groups who puppeteer local government, most notably the openly Leninist organization, Take 'Em Down Nola. 
Knowing full well that they will receive little to no negative media coverage and absolutely zero efforts at arrest/conviction from local authorities, the violent mob took to destroying this beautiful monument to black and white American veterans. They spray painted countless explicative phrases, many of which can't be listed out of decency. They also made sure to leave violent threats like "Die Pigs" and "ACAB" (All Cops Are Bastards). As expected, local journalists and city officials completely ignored the violence, thus giving their indirect approval to the mob. 

Roughly a week after the vandals ran amuck, completely uncontested by local officials and cheered on by local/national journalists and media outlets, they focused their emotional rage on the George Washington statue directly across the street from New Orleans City Hall. Yes, you read that correctly. A literal mob assembled right in front of the seat of local city government and violently and flagrantly began to destroy public property, and, just as important, priceless pieces of public art. At the end of the day, these radicals are destroyers of art, just as ISIS destroys ancient relics in the Middle East and just as Nazis destroyed and removed art throughout the great halls of Europe. 
City officials incompetently failed to apprehend a single actor. Zero suspects were named, and not a single person was taken into custody. As expected, local media outlets gave brief mentioning to the violence, and then quickly swept the incident under the rug.

On a high traffic intersection in the residential Uptown neighborhood known as the Garden District, local violent agitators, spurred on by the Communists at Take 'Em Down Nola, New Orleans Workers Group, and Antifa, brazenly vandalized the statue to Sophie B Wright: Women's rights leader, educational philanthropist, advocate to those afflicted with disease, and local hero to the less fortunate. Sophie B Wright expended all of her energy giving back to her community, quite literally giving away all of her money to provide assistance to victims of the Yellow Fever that plagued New Orleans. She emerged as a leader for local women, starting several social organizations. Her greatest legacy, education, came from her unparalleled dedication to teaching not only the youth, but also illiterate adults, the value of a sound academic foundation. 
Cowardly, violent radicals defaced her monument, placed a white hood on her likeness, and, of course, received zero condemnation or punishment from inept local officials.

Ignoring the many warning signs, as with other statues, New Orleans officials allowed the second monument to philanthropist, John McDonogh, to be toppled right under their noses. Just blocks from City Hall, right across the street from a Federal Courthouse, on the Streetcar line, and in plain view of the public, a violent mob toppled the monument with zero repercussions whatsoever. It is worth noting that John McDonogh donated overwhelming sums of money to begin the New Orleans public school system as we know it. He even allocated a percentage of his donation to specifically educate black children in the city. Local news outlets barely mentioned the incident.
Another statue of McDonogh, literally right in front of City Hall, was removed and dumped into the river and the shortly thereafter rescued by preservationist. It is worth noting that the local media and government spent more time and energy trying to identify the preservationists who saved the bust rather than those who placed it in the river to begin with. 

Despite constant acts of vandalism over several years and open warnings from local Communist group "Take 'Em Down Nola," New Orleans Government officials and local law enforcement have stood by and watched the gradual destruction of the Dreux Statue on Canal Street. The statue was eventually toppled almost a month ago. Even though this feat required many individuals, tools, and a public presence, not a single person has been charged and not a single person has been investigated. Literal lawlessness is permitted openly on the streets of New Orleans.

The New Orleans City Council, plagued with corruption, ineptitude, failing infrastructure, sky rocketing crime, egregious deficits, and offensively irresponsible behavior on a personal level (City Council members getting DUI's while in office; City Council Members charged with tax fraud/evasion; Mayor owing almost $100,000 in back taxes, etc.), have deemed it their righteous responsibility to eradicate the history of New Orleans. Bowing down to the vandals and protesters openly calling for violence, the City Council chooses to blatantly ignore the plight of an impoverished and desperate city in favor of self congratulatory and disingenuous pandering. Valuable time, money, and resources (all provided by the taxpayers) that could fix failing pumping stations, caving streets, and failing schools are now solely focused on a wasteful campaign designed to appease a thoroughly implacable group of extremists.

This very brief but incredibly substantial article articulates what preservationists and the R. E. Lee Monumental Association have pointed out for the past 4 years: this radical move to destroy history will not stop at Confederate monuments. It was never really about the Confederacy. In fact, these violent movements center themselves around a profound abhorrence for America, Western Civilization, and Judeo-Christian values. Radicals across the country have now targeted Washington, Jefferson, and even Lincoln in their campaign of anarchy. 

Emmanuel Macron, the left of center President of France, has assertively denounced any forms of historical revisionism. Specifically, President Macron refused to bow to the violent mobs in their aggressive demands to destroy and remove the longstanding and beautiful monuments that reflect France's rich history. In a televised address to the nation, Macron clearly stated that any attempts to rewrite history come from a "hateful" ideology that is hell bent on destroying French and Western culture. Readers must remember the "reign of terror" after the French Revolution in which violent jacobins destroyed churches, statues, monuments, and even renamed the days of the week and the months of the year, all for the sake of progress.

Take 'Em Down Nola, along with various other violent and destructive Marxist groups, defaced and physically removed the bust of John McDonogh right across the street from City Hall, all in plain view of New Orleans City Police. Only two vandals were arrested and shortly released thereafter with a slap on the wrist and an appallingly minimal fine.
It is worth noting that this article is virtually the only news source that mentions McDonogh leaving his fortune to start the New Orleans public school system as we know it, as well as him including poor black children as beneficiaries of his educational donations. 

June 12, 2020

Take 'Em Down Nola, a violent communist group led by a self professed Leninist (Lenin is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 political dissidents), has vowed to wipe virtually all of New Orleans' history off the map, including iconic Jackson Square at the heart of the French Quarter. This group has a long history of vandalism, violence, and intimidation in its destructive arsenal of tactics. 

August 06, 2019

This week in Nashville, the Metro Board of Parks and Recreation tabled a motion to remove a monument dedicated to Confederate soldiers. Despite multiple attempted vandalisms and the city's clear agenda to remove many vestiges of their own local history, a Tennessee law (Tennessee Heritage Protection Act) prevents the removal of historic statues without state approval. While the fate of the statue in Centennial Park remains to be seen, this is a great victory for preservationists. For now, the statue stands! 

July 24, 2019

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the iconoclastic radicals still refuse to accept a judge's decision to keep the Lee statue in its place. Last week, the monument was defiled with spray paint and the surrounding fence was knocked down. This is not only vandalism and destruction of private property, but a cost to the taxpayer as well.
However, the city's parks and recreation department has already cleaned up the mess, and the statue now stands clean and tall for public viewing and enjoyment. 

July 15, 2019

Last week, an appeals court made a ruling that blocked the city of Dallas, TX from removing a war memorial to Civil War soldiers and to also halt the sale of the famed Robert E. Lee statue. The future of both monuments remains in question, but this is a temporary victory for historic preservationists in the meantime. 

June 05, 2019

In a sad day for art, preservation, history, and culture, the city of Dallas, Texas has auctioned off arguably it's most iconic and prized piece of public art. The iconic state of Robert E. Lee stood as a tasteful expression of art and history for the public for over 80 years. 

May 29, 2020

In an unexpected move, the city of Dallas, Texas has decided to place a priceless relic of incredible art and history up for auction. Arguably one of the most striking public monuments in the entire state, the Lee statue will be tossed aside for marginal profit and given to the highest bidder. 

May 01, 2019

A Virginia judge ruled on Monday, 4.30, that it is illegal to remove any and all statues related to war or those who fought int them. This is a positive step in the right direction to protect our priceless history. 

December 27, 2018

Johann Batiste lays out the administrational chicanery that existed and still exists throughout the hierarchy of New Orleans' City Park. 

December 16, 2018

Vandalism, destruction of private/public property, unruly and uncivilized reactionaries..... Western civilization has seen this before. John Fund explains profound ramifications of the pathway that modern society has chosen for itself. 

December 03, 2018

In a continuation of reactionary extremism, UNC will continue to cave into intimidation and vandalism. At further cost to the university, administrators will attempt to move public art into private storage at a whopping cost of over $5 million dollars. Money that could be utilized on academics, facilities, and continuing education will now be spent on protecting art from extremists and political jacobins. 

August 12, 2018

The UDC has a time honored tradition of honoring our veterans, and fighting to preserve our past. Their legacy continues to this very day. 

July 26, 2018

More facts have come to light concerning the highly questionable motives and actions of those who run New Orleans largest public park. 

Time Capsule Located Under Beauregard Monument Unveiled

August 03, 2018

Under the observation of Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, preservationists with the Louisiana State Museum reveal for the first time the contents within the time capsule located in the pedestal of the Beauregard Monument. 

April 03, 2018

Latoya Cantrell has shown signs of her willingness to work with historic preservationists in the ongoing monument debate. 

Monument Vandals Refuse To Stop At Confederacy, Now Targeting Memorials To African American Military Veterans

Removing New Orleans' Confederate monuments cost $2M-plus in public, private money

Poll: Two-thirds of Louisiana voters oppose removing Confederate monuments

Two-thirds of Louisiana voters oppose removing Confederate monuments

A Monumental Disgrace

“America has started the trend by taking down the greatest general ever, Robert E. Lee.”

Civil Rights Activist Argues To Keep Confederate Monuments (NPR)

NPR Interview with Andres Young.

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Economic impact

Initial research focused on nine states where most Civil War tourism is concentrated: Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.  

In five states—Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia—15 National Park Service-affiliated Civil War battlefields and historic sites attracted 

 15.8 million visitors

That spending supported: 
$151 million in income for local workers and business owners; 
5,150 local jobs; and  
$248 million in value added to the local economy  

Who spent nearly $442 million in communities close to those parks.